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How Can You Make Your Bedding Sets Last Longer?

How Can You Make Your Bedding Sets Last Longer?

We all possess a lot of bedding sets for our beds but how many of us actually keep them and store them properly so as to increase their lifespan? Bedding is a piece of cloth made with high thread-count fiber. It has to be washed and ironed properly if you want to maintain its softness and shine.

Here are a few steps on how you can make your bedding sets last longer:

  • Check the wash instructions before dumping your bed sheet in the washing machine.
  • Adjust the temperature setting in your machine and fabric setting to cotton or viscose, whatever is applicable.
  • Dry your bedsheets separately in a dryer or on a cloth line in moderate sunlight for a few hours.
  • Reverse the print to dry your sheet under the sun so that it does not fade.
  • Iron your bedsheet with the correct temperature setting.
  • Wash and iron the pillow covers in a similar style.
  • Ensure that you wash your bed sheet at least twice or thrice a month.
  • Stock at least 3 pairs of bedding sets for each bed in your house.

If you follow the above mentioned washing and drying rules for your bedding, you can definitely elongate the lifespan of your bedding sets. Buy a stunning range of bedding sets from where you can find fascinating digital prints of skulls and wolves. Dress up your bedrooms in our badass range of bedding sets available at affordable prices.

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