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To the average Joe, mentioning those three words will shoot up fear. However, for some of us, it is a perfect definition of our personality that can be proudly expressed without causing harm. A great way to channel this expression is through Clothing. The dauntless sense of style and pristine touch of evil makes it unique and a fun fashion style for everybody. However, for some, it is more than fashion but a way of life. The same way any religion or ethnicity can be easily identified with their choice of cloth, the same applies in this case.

Are you a fan of gothic fashion?

Do you love how distinct and eerie the skull and ghost prints give on any outfit?

Are you a biker looking for clothing that will showcase how daunting and fearless you are?

Then, clothing designs inspired by satanism, skulls, and ghosts must be a fave for you. When shopping for fashion merchandize that accommodates this style of fashion, the first things to consider are design, color, and trends. Depending on what piece of clothing you are looking to purchase e.g., hoodie, T-shirts, tank tops, footwear, bandana, beddings, home décor, etc., different designs can fit easily into casual or formal wear.

Unique skull fashion is fast becoming a fashion trend for men and women. People are at liberty to express their personality and be creative with their incorporating skull designs in outfits. For instance, a gamer and nerd can express their emo identity through any of metalskull design hoodies or pullover. What is most interesting about this style, is people can choose to be a minimalist or go hard and loud with it. In the case of minimalism, simple skull designs and quotes, phrases, or words that send a chill down the spine can be a wardrobe essential. While others who love to go loud and hard with their design can choose to design their apartment into a walk-in eerie museum.


Many are oblivious of the vast creative fashion styles that can become a fast-moving trend when it comes to skull designs. Although black may seem to be the predominant color, one can further express their styles in various hues and shades. The more colorful the scarier. There are millions of designs and collections to get inspiration from. The perfect blend of skull, ghosts, bones, Satanism, death, on a hoodie, is pure evil! Anyone will want to own that masterpiece.

Want a room that gives the vibe of the daily celebration of “The day of the dead”? That is absolutely possible, your moodboard can accommodate

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