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The True Origin of the Wolf

The exact theory behind the evolution of wolves is still unknown. The earliest stories trace back to dense deserts and Arctic locations where fossils of wolves species have been recovered. This just proved the fact that wolves are highly adaptable animals, whether in deserts or forests, they have known to survive with their packs in any terrain. The grey wolves are believed to be the most ferocious of the lot. Man takes inspiration from wolves on their cunningness and hunting skills.


The most popular theory behind the evolution of wolf states that these species evolved from a mystical ancient animal known as Mesocyon, around 35 million years ago. Mesocyon resembled a dog with a longer body. They always thrived in packs. Mesocyon is also believed to walk on four hind toes which allowed them to chase their preys rather quickly.


Wolves were worshipped by the Vikings men. They drank their blood and wore wolf skins before going for a battle believing that the spirit of wolves will help them.

Today, the number of wolves is getting decreased and there is a danger of them getting extinct. If you are fascinated by wolves and love these creatures, you should do your bit to protect them. Herogamezone is an ardent fan of wolves and in our website, we have a lot of clothes and canvas wall art showcasing the picture of wolves. You can shop our exciting range of wolves printed t-shirts, accessories and canvas wall art online from our store.

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