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What do skull rings symbolize?

What do skull rings symbolize?

A human skull symbolizes death in almost all the cultures of the world since time immemorial. Since ancient times, men have used the skull symbol on tombstones, accessories, art forms and folklore. Skulls have also been widely used in jewellery. Victorians used to wear skull rings to celebrate and remember the dead. It was worn as a reminder of one’s own mortality. Gothic rings have a special place in history. They too used skull symbols in their designs.

There are some interesting facts about the symbolic representation of skull rings:

  • Symbol of death

Mostly, skulls have been used to symbolize death. A skull represents a human body more clearly than any other bone and hence it is very important. Ancient Memento Mori paintings always used skulls as the metaphor for death. These paintings remind humans that life is short. A skull ring worn by a human is to represent the fact that he or she embraces her fate. It is used as a modern memento Mori painting.

  • Symbol of freedom

Since skulls represent death, another derivative of the skull is that life is short and one should live it to the fullest. Free spirits like bikers, rockers, hippies wear skull rings to showcase their free-spirited lives and beliefs.

  • Symbol of a reminder of one’s life

After everything rots away, a skull of a human is something that lasts longer than others. A skull rings reminds someone of a deceased loved one’s presence and legacy and importance in his or her life.

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