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Do Wolves Interest You? Here Are Some Interesting Tidbits About These Wonderful Creatures!


Wolves love to remain elusive. But there are certain interesting facts about them which you should know:

  • Wolves cannot be loyal guard dogs because they become timid and unsure when a stranger comes in their territory. They cannot chase people.
  • Wolves only hunt men when provoked. They eat men only when men misbehave with them.
  • Wolves have a very sharp focus at long distances. They can detect motion better than men.
  • They are very sensitive to scent recognition.
  • Wolves have very strong jaws which can crush with a pressure of 1500 pounds per square inch.
  • A hungry wolf can eat around 20 pounds of meat at one go.
  • Wolves love to stay in families. A male wolf will stay with a female wolf together for a lifetime. They are also very devoted parents to their children.
  • Wolves mate only once a year and once the female wolf gives birth, the entire pack takes care of her and gives her solid meat. The newborns are given regurgitated meat which is soft.
  • Wolves grieve the loss of a loved one and often the entire pack gets into depression and howl together on the death of a member of their pack.
  • Ravens always follow a pack of wolves in order to guide them to an animal cadaver or a potential pretty.
  • Contrary to the folklore and ancient stories, wolves do not howl towards a full moon. They howl with their mouth facing upwards so that their sounds can reach far in the forest.


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